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Amaurya the brand that takes care of you.

  • Perfect for Quick Touch-Ups and Light Travel. Achieve Flawless Results Effortlessly with Our Innovative Concept. Ready to Transform Your Beauty Routine?

    Meet Engineer, Founder & Inventor

    Meet engineer, Ms. Amelia McGregor. Tired of the complexities of contemporary beauty products and noticing a lack of innovation in the field, she decides to use her technical skills to create simplified solutions to make women's lives easier. After years of working in the industry, Amelia has observed the growing frustrations of many women with beauty products overloaded with unnecessary features or difficult to use.

    Inspired by her own experience and driven by the desire to make a positive change, Amelia focuses on simple yet effective formulations designed to simplify skincare and makeup routines.

    Thus, her brand "Amaurya" was born.